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Tuff-Flash™ Plus LO

  • Long-Term Protection
  • Low-Odor Application
  • Versatile

Tuff-Flash™ Plus LO is a multi-purpose, two-part, asphaltic polyurethane-based, low-odor, liquid flashing membrane designed to create watertight flashing on tough roofing details that are difficult to seal with a typically modified membrane. Tuff Flash Plus LO combined with Grip Polyester™ Firm creates a watertight liquid flashing membrane that adheres to smooth or mineral-modified membranes and various metal surfaces.

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Long-Term Protection

Tuff-Flash Plus LO polyurethane chemistry undergoes a chemical curing reaction that builds strength over time, unlike other solvent-based rubberized coatings that form films as the solvent flashes off. With this superior chemistry, the material can outperform and outlast similar coatings.

low VOC, hospital/schools/heavily populated areas

Low-Odor Application

Due to its asphaltic polyurethane chemistry, Tuff-Flash Plus LO is a low-odor product, minimizing odor concerns in VOC-sensitive areas like hospitals, schools, and food production plants.

Product Page Feature Photos Tuff-Flash


Tuff-Flash Plus LO is a versatile liquid flashing mastic that can seal even tough flashing details where a modified membrane or pitch pocket would have trouble sealing. It can be used on SBS, APP, smooth or mineral-surfaced asphalt roofs, and many types of metal substrates (with proper surface preparation). Tuff-Flash Plus LO can be applied with a brush or trowel, making it easy for in-house maintenance teams.

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