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OptiMax® / OptiMax® FR Mineral

  • Enhanced Resiliency
  • Improved Weathering
  • Unique Chemistry

OptiMax membranes are fiberglass-reinforced asphalt-based membranes modified with a specially-designed polyurethane resin to extend roof longevity. OptiMax membranes combine two of the most effective waterproofing materials on the market - polyurethane and asphalt - in a patented process with active modification involving chemically locking the urethane modifier to the asphalt, providing enhanced performance characteristics. This long-lasting, puncture, and fatigue-resistant membrane is designed to be the waterproofing and reinforcement layer in a modified bitumen roofing system. OptiMax membranes are designed as the top component in a roofing system where superior performance is required. OptiMax can be used with Garland-modified base sheets, depending on the adhesive used. Specifications are available for either hot- or cold-applied two-ply systems. In addition, OptiMax membranes can be used as the top ply in a two-ply flashing system. They can also repair splits, cracks, and other deteriorated areas in existing asphalt-based roofing systems.

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Unique Chemistry

Garland’s ground-breaking, patented “active modification” process involves chemically locking the urethane modifier to the asphalt, providing enhanced performance characteristics. This extremely strong link prevents the oils within the membrane from “cooking out” over time, as is common with traditional modified membranes.

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Enhanced Resiliency

The revolutionary idea of modifying an asphalt membrane with polyurethane reduces fatigue cracking, allowing the membrane to perform for longer periods of time. Advanced surface testing has shown that after a year of elemental exposure, there are far fewer cracks in OptiMax compared to traditional modified roof membranes.

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Improved Weathering

Long-term UV protection on the surface of the membrane is a vital component in maximizing roof longevity. Urethane acts as a great adhesive, allowing the minerals to adhere more strongly to this compound, improving mineral retention and resistance to UV radiation.

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