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StressPly® Max/Max FR Mineral

  • Superior Strength & Elongation
  • Increased Thickness & Weathering
  • Superior Fire Resistance

StressPly Max membranes feature selected reinforcements and a unique rubber-modified asphalt incorporating post-consumer recycled crumb rubber. The result is a high-strength, puncture, and fatigue-resistant, rubber-modified membrane designed as the top component in a roofing system where superior strength is required. StressPly Max provides long-term performance in all types of new or retrofit construction. The StressPly Max Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene and Styrene-Isoprene-Styrene (SBS+SIS) rubber-modified membranes utilize KEVLAR® fibers and a dual polyester and fiberglass combination reinforcement that offers the inherent strength and heat stability of fiberglass along with the ability of polyester to conform. StressPly Max membranes can also be used with Garland’s HPR® products and conventional base sheets or fiberglass roofing felts. In addition, StressPly Max membranes can be used as the top-ply in a two-ply flashing system. It can also repair splits, cracks, and other deteriorated areas in existing asphalt-based roofing systems.

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Superior Strength & Elongation

The StressPly Max membranes are reinforced with fiberglass yarns stitched within polyester, resulting in superior strength and elongation performance. The KEVLAR fiber-enhanced dual fiberglass and polyester reinforcement allow StressPly Max membranes to provide tensile strengths of 1,000 lbf./in. While also providing an elongation of over 16%. By combining strength and flexibility, StressPly Max Membranes provide long-term performance by resisting both stresses and movement created by today’s high-performance buildings.

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Increased Thickness & Weathering

Providing over 170 mils (4,381 microns) of overall thickness, StressPly Max FR Mineral’s highly polymerized compound provides more waterproofing, UV protection, and weathering capabilities than traditional modified bitumen cap sheets. StressPly Max membranes combine SBS and SIS rubber, increasing their weathering properties. Factory Applied Sunburst Minerals - StressPly Max FR Mineral incorporates the unique reflective mineral, providing long-term protection and energy savings. The superior reflectivity of this mineral protects the membrane from UV damage and decreases under roof temperatures. Sunburst mineral membranes have an initial reflectivity of 40 to 50%.

Product Page Feature Photo

Superior Fire Resistance

StressPly Max membranes contain a fire retardant added to the compound during manufacturing. As a result, it will maintain its fire rating for the life of the membrane. StressPly Max membranes have a Class A fire rating in a number of assemblies.

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