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R-Mer® Shield

  • Base Clip with Top Rail Design
  • Continuous Top Rail
  • Symmetrical Panel Design

R-Mer Shield is Garland's newest generation of industry-leading, high-performance, structural standing seam roof systems. R-Mer Shield consists of a 2-1/16" high vertical seam with an extruded aluminum clip and top rail system that helps provide unrivaled wind uplift performance. R-Mer Shield also provides unlimited thermal expansion and contraction, isolation of the seam sealant from the clip, symmetric panel design, and includes mesas and pencil lines to help reduce the risks of oil canning. R-Mer Shield is available in steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, and stainless steel.

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Professional photos of Port Arthur Elementary School

Base Clip with Top Rail Design

This equates to wider clip spacing and wider panels, which results in fewer materials, lower costs for labor, and unrivaled strength. This design allows the panel legs to be held in place when uplift pressures act upon the panels, resulting in extremely high wind uplift resistance in excess of 200 psf allowable.

Professional photos of RMer Shield Prospect Mountain High School

Continuous Top Rail

Allows the panel system to be installed in high wind regions, using wider panels, for a stronger seam and increased spanning capability. The top rail can also reduce the amount of framing components in a metal retrofit application for a lower overall project cost. 

Professional photos of Port Arthur Elementary School

Symmetrical Panel Design

Allows the roof to be installed from the center point and outward in both directions, resulting in easy and fast installation and replacement. Should a panel need to be replaced, only that panel needs to be removed. 

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RMer Span Curve Panels are being installed onto the North County Regional Library