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CPR White Coating

  • Durable & Resistant
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight

CPR White Coating is a synthetic liquid rubber membrane specifically formulated on metal roofs and walls. CPR White can easily be applied over sloped, contoured surfaces, providing long-lasting, waterproof protection. The CPR White Coating system cures to a monolithic rubbery membrane with high tensile strength and the ability to elongate and recover handling metal expansion and contraction. CPR White also can “bridge” hairline cracks that may develop while maintaining performance as a continuous waterproofing membrane.

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Durable & Resistant

CPR White Coating has exceptional resistance to UV damage and deterioration due to weathering, forming a rubber-like monolithic membrane over the entire surface. It is elastic regardless of the temperature and will expand and contract with the movement of the substrate.

CPR White Coating being applied to a fish packing facility


CPR System can be applied on most metal roof construction materials and surfaces, regardless of slope. The coverage rate is cut back on steep slope applications and applied in multiple coats.

CPR White Coating being applied to a fish packing facility


Completed application is less than 1/5 a pound per square foot, drastically reducing the overall dead weight compared to conventional systems.

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