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R-Mer® Coat

  • Unparalleled Weathering Resistance
  • Cost Effective
  • Expansive Color Selection

R-Mer Coat is a top-of-the-line industrial maintenance coating that uses the latest high-performance Kynar Aquatec ® PVDF resin to restore weathered metal substrates. R-Mer Coat's fluoropolymer chemistry boasts superior resistance to color fading and outperforms less weatherable, less UV-stable acrylic coatings. The coating system is specifically formulated to provide unparalleled color and gloss retention better than any other field-applied paint product. The coating not only restores and protects building facades but provides an aesthetically-brilliant finish to the surface. When used with one of the uniquely formulated primers, the R-Mer Coat system brilliantly transforms old, worn metal surfaces, such as wall panels and roofing, into vibrant, long-lasting structures. R-Mer Coat is recommended for exterior metal and is compatible with the following substrates: aluminum, ferrous metal, steel, stainless steel, previously coated metal, and PVDF-coated metal.

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Sun beam in Dark Clouds and Sky before Thunderstorm

Unparalleled Weathering Resistance

Unlike traditional exterior acrylic or urethane systems, R-Mer Coat's unique Kynar Aquatec® PVDF chemistry prevents fading, chalking, and dirt pick-up with unprecedented UV-resistance, increasing the service life of metal building exteriors such as roofing, decorative features, support structures, wall panels or edge metal. 

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Cost Effective

R-Mer Coat's superior weather-resistant properties decrease maintenance costs by eliminating the need to re-coat for years after installation, even with dark or vibrant colors. 

RMer Coat Test on the side of Garland

Expansive Color Selection

R-Mer Coat is available in all colors offered through Garland's Metal Color Chart but can also be color-matched to any color the customer desires. The minimum order quantity for custom-matching is 25 gallons. 

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RMer Span Curve Panels are being installed onto the North County Regional Library