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R-Mer® Coat PVDF Primer

  • Tenacious Adhesion
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easy Clean-Up

R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer is a water-based primer specifically formulated with the R-Mer Coat topcoat. R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer allows the system to adhere to Kynar 500® PVDF finishes or substrates previously painted with a PVDF-based finish. R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer not only enhances the adhesion of the R-Mer Coat paint system, it also saves building owners money by allowing R-Mer Coat to be applied more efficiently and with less material. Combined with the R-Mer Coat topcoat, R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer completes one of today's highest-performing coating systems.

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Tenacious Adhesion

R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer’s unique chemistry adheres tenaciously to PVDF-coated metal surfaces, so there are no concerns of failed bonding or peeling on the substrate. The R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer complements the R-Mer Coat topcoat, completing the secure system bond for long-term performance.

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With a low VOC content, this water-based product is very environmentally friendly.

R-Mer Coat PVDF Easy Clean-Up Feature Photo

Easy Clean-Up

In the event of overspray, R-Mer Coat PVDF Primer can be cleaned off surfaces with warm, soapy water before it dries instead of harsh solvents or cleaning agents.

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RMer Span Curve Panels are being installed onto the North County Regional Library