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KEE-Lock™ Mastic

  • Solvent Free
  • Accelerated Curing
  • Easy to Use

KEE-Lock Mastic is a white, polyether, trowel grade, flashing mastic, or cold-applied application. KEE-Lock Mastic is designed to seal the base edge of a KEE-Stone ® FB 60 Flashing membrane, which ties into the field of an SBS-modified membrane roofing system. KEE-Lock Mastic bonds tenaciously to SBS-modified bitumen membranes and the KEE-Stone FB 60 Flashing membrane and is extremely elastic. KEE-Lock Mastic contains zero VOCs. KEE-Lock Mastic is used in conjunction with GarMesh® to create a three-course application and can also be used for a variety of roofing repairs where white mastic is needed.

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Product Specifications


low VOC, hospital/schools/heavily populated areas


KEE-Lock Mastic uses polyether technology, which contains no solvents and is a moisture-curing product. This allows the mastic to perform like traditional solvent-based mastics without adverse effects like solvent blisters, sheet softening, and strong odor.

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Accelerated Curing

KEE-Lock Mastic will cure in 1-5 days, depending on climatic conditions, compared to 30 days or more for most traditional solvent-based mastics. This mastic becomes tack-free in hours, decreasing the chances of tracking the material around the roof surface and keeping the roof cleaner.

Product Page Feature Photos

Easy to Use

This product is ready-to-use right out of the pail requiring no mixing. The consistency of this trowel-grade formula makes KEE Lock Mastic easy to apply. The material adheres to substrates without vertical sagging or flow. It has tremendous green strength, holding KEE-Stone FB 60 Flashing in place and keeping moisture from getting underneath the flashing membranes.

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