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  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Easy application
  • Exceptional waterproofing

Cool-Sil is a silicone rubber fluid-applied roof system that is solvent-free, high solids, one-component, and moisture-curing. This system restores aged smooth surface BUR, granulated cap sheets, single-ply membranes, and metal roofs. It can also be used as a repair material for maintenance applications. Cool-Sil provides excellent UV resistance, adhesion, and breathability and has exceptional waterproofing properties. It is easily applied by roller, squeegee, or brush. Ready to use - This one-part material can be applied easily to a dry, moisture-free, and clean surface and is quickly rain-safe. It fully cures in 1 to 4 hours based on temperature and humidity by reacting with moisture in the air. Protective - Cool-Sil provides long-term protection because it resists weathering, aging, oxidation, rain and snow, the effects of ozone, ultraviolet radiation, and temperature extremes typically found on roofs. Durable - With its high solids content and absence of hydrocarbon solvents, Cool-Sil provides a thick, durable, mold and mildew-resistant roof covering that performs in a wide temperature range in the most severe climatic conditions.

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Meet Sustainability Goals

A Cool-Sil roof’s bright white finish has a high r-value, reflecting sunlight and reducing the heat collected by the building and the demand on energy-intensive air conditioning systems. Cool-Sil’s NSF P151 certification means that a cured roof surface can come into contact with potable drinking water sources with no harmful leaching. And a fluid-applied system like Cool-Sil can extend a roof’s useful life by over a decade without replacing the original roof, reducing the construction waste that goes to landfills.

Roof shoot of Cool-Sil application

Ease of application

Applicators can use the method best suited for the one-component material to coat existing aged smooth surface BUR, granulated cap sheets, single-ply membranes, or metal. After application, Cool-Sil cures in as little as one hour by reacting with moisture in the air. With its high solids content and absence of hydrocarbon solvents, Cool-Sil provides a thick and durable monolithic covering that is also mold and mildew resistant and performs across a wide temperature range.

Sun beam in Dark Clouds and Sky before Thunderstorm

Exceptional weatherproofing

Cool-Sil protects come rain or shine. The characteristics of silicone create a roof surface where water easily runs off, minimizing the ponding areas that, over time, can lead to leaks. And with Cool-Sil's 0.89 Solar Reflectance, tested to the ASTM C1549 standard, your roof is designed to fight against UV radiation, keeping the building cool.

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