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  • Conditions & Restores Dry Felts
  • Economical
  • Maximum Surface Adhesion

Garla-Prime is a non-fibered, quick-drying, asphalt-based roof primer. It is formulated from specially refined asphalt and top-quality penetrating oils. Garla Prime re-saturates existing felts to form a tough, elastic bonding surface for Garland coatings. It can also prime metal, masonry surfaces, and bare concrete roof decks. Garla-Prime meets and exceeds ASTM D41.

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Garla-Prime over Mod Bit_5911

Conditions & Restores Dry Felts

Garla-Prime’s penetrating oils replace the natural asphaltic oils lost through weathering. The oils restore flexibility to the old roof surface and seal the remaining dust that might still be present after standard cleaning operations.

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Garla-Prime is formulated to provide maximum per-gallon coverage. A gallon of Garla-Prime covers the same area as 3 - 4 gallons (11.4 -15 liters) of the standard black fibered roof coating. A Garla-Prime application conserves finishing material by conditioning the surface and eliminating the tendency of the finishing material to soak into the dried-out, existing surface.

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Maximum Surface Adhesion

Garla-Prime ensures a long-lasting flexible bond between the existing roof surface and the Garland finishing material, which serves as the weathercoat.

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