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Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic

  • Coal Tar-Based
  • Uniform Quality
  • Non-Sag

Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic is a cold-applied, trowel grade, coal tar-based polymer-modified roofing mastic. Unlike other coal tar-based mastics, Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic is a non-sag coal tar mastic. This product is designed for the installation of flashing systems on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. It can also be used for the installation of roof drains, vent pipes, pitch pockets, or wherever a mastic product is required. Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic is also designed to repair any clean built-up or modified roofing surface temporarily.

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Black-Knight//Black-Stallion Mastic Feature Photo

Coal Tar-Based

Coal tar naturally resists moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and aging. Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic polymer modified formulation combines coal tar's inherent water resistance with advanced polymer's flexibility for unmatched durability.  

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Uniform Quality

Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic is factory formulated under rigid quality control conditions to ensure uniform product quality. This eliminates the variables inherent to the job site preparation of roof materials where quality control depends entirely on the individual roofer’s expertise.

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Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic is specially formulated to not run or sag at normal roof temperatures. Unlike most coal tar mastics, Black-Knight/Black-Stallion Mastic will hold on vertical surfaces.

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