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  • Durable & Watertight
  • User & Contractor Friendly
  • Environmentally Friendly

Garla-Flex is an elastomeric, asphaltic mastic designed to seal roof joints and other construction details subject to considerable movement. Unique formulation incorporates special weather and ozone-resistant thermoplastic rubber, selected plasticizing oils, bitumen, and recycled crumb rubber from used tires. It contains Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene (SEBS) rubber that ensures superior fatigue resistance. Garla-Flex is ideal for metal work flashing repairs, metal roof surface repairs, blisters, splits, and coping stone joints. Because it is sag-resistant, Garla-Flex can strip in flashing laps and crown pitch pockets.

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Durable & Watertight

Garla-Flex’s unique formula incorporates carbon black and recycled crumb rubber, allowing for a longer wearing surface. It’s flexible enough to withstand extreme structural movement and won’t peel off from the shifting of adjacent surfaces. Garla-Flex elongates a minimum 800% and exhibits 80% recovery from 300% elongation (ASTM D 412). Once cured, it forms a moisture-proof rubber gasket that lasts indefinitely.

Product Page Feature Photos

User & Contractor Friendly

Garla-Flex comes ready to use. No mixing, thinning, heating, or stirring is required. Generally, Garla-Flex requires no membrane reinforcement or priming and is compatible with tar and asphalt roof surfaces. The unique formulation of Garla-Flex allows for easier application in cool temperatures.

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Environmentally Friendly

Recycled crumb rubber from discarded tires saves landfill space, cuts down on fire hazards, and decreases the number of disease-carrying insects.

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