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KEE-Stone® FB 60 (2-Ply Hybrid Roof System)

  • Long Lasting & Durable
  • Superior Chemistry & Manufacturing
  • UV Resistant & Energy Saving

KEE-Stone FB 60, a thermoplastic cap sheet modified with Ketone Ethylene Ester (KEE), is designed as the top component in a multi-ply hybrid system incorporating Garland-approved modified bitumen base sheets. This unique sheet incorporates the industry’s highest quality KEE formula, Dow ELVALOY™ HP, for superior flexibility and strength. Under the attractive, bright white surface, this membrane is reinforced with a unique polymer-coated high tensile strength polyester scrim. This distinctive composition provides exceptional puncture, tensile, and tear resistance while preserving the membrane's flexibility. Polyester fleece (6.5 oz. per sq. yd.) is heat bonded to the backside for superior adhesion in hot or cold adhesives. KEE-Stone meets and exceeds ASTM D 6754, the standard specification for KEE-based sheet roofing.

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Superior Chemistry & Manufacturing

Garland’s KEE-Stone thermoplastic chemistry uses the industry’s highest quality KEE compound for the longest-lasting weatherability. This formula exhibits superior heat resistance while retaining its low-temperature flexibility. While some thermoplastic sheets only add quality KEE above the scrim, KEE-Stone is formulated with KEE throughout the entire sheet because the sheet is only as strong as its weakest point.

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Long-Lasting & Durable

KEE-Stone exceeds standard weathering tests, standing up against even the harshest weather and UV radiation. In accelerated weathering tests, KEE-Stone shows no signs of cracking or cratering even at 100X magnification, ten times more than the ASTM standard requires. KEE-Stone retains more than 90% of its breaking strength, elongation, and flexibility in heat aging tests.

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UV Resistant & Energy Saving

KEE-Stone’s white surface and advanced chemistry fight off the damaging effects of the sun to protect your building and your wallet. KEE-Stone’s bright finish reflects damaging UV rays away from the building. At the same time, the KEE formula locks the plasticizer within the membrane to prevent damaging migration that causes lesser materials to dry and crack under UV exposure. These resilient properties earned the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) seal.

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