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Insul-Lock® HR Universal Primer

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  • Strong Adhesion

Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer is a water-based primer designed for use with Insul-Lock HR over mineral surfaced, gravel surfaces and highly oxidized smooth built-up roofs. Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer penetrates weathered surfaces to ensure maximum adhesion between existing surfaces and the new Garland roof system. This VOC-compliant primer is easy to apply and does not require mixing. A red tint makes application easy, as applicators can easily see where it has already been applied.

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Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer penetrates weathered surfaces so that Insul-Lock HR or Insul-Lock E HR insulation adhesive can properly bond to the substrate.

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Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer is formulated to provide maximum per-gallon coverage. One gallon of Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer covers 150 to 250 sq. ft. (13.94 to 23.23 m 2), depending on surface conditions.

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Strong Adhesion

Insul-Lock HR Universal Primer ensures a long-lasting, flexible bond between the existing roof surface and the new insulation.

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