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Terra Seal®

  • Applicator Friendly
  • High-Temp Resistance
  • Aggressive Adhesion

Terra Seal is a self-adhering clay or concrete tile roof underlayment that withstands elevated rooftop temperatures and has exceptional nail pull-through resistance. It comprises high-grade polyester fabric laminated to high-temperature, self-sealing asphalt adhesive protected by a release liner removed during installation. Terra Seal can be used as the initial underlayment for clay or concrete tile roof applications and can also be used to line valleys, eaves, ridges, rakes, and hips.

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Applicator Friendly

Terra Seal will lay flat and not wrinkle or buckle during installation while providing exceptional nail pull-through resistance. Terra Seal provides a suitable walking surface when roofing on sloped applications.

Restoration of Miami Beach Historical City Hall

High-Temp Resistance

Terra Seal is formulated with high-temperature rubberized asphalt, which makes it stable in all warm weather climates. Terra Seal can withstand elevated rooftop temperatures without degrading or losing waterproofing capabilities.

Article Photos- Batch 7

Aggressive Adhesion

Terra Seal’s strong polyester felt surface provides superior “bite” when installing tiles with foam adhesives. The polyester felt surface also offers excellent slip resistance and better grip during installation.

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